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Captain Elmer Pillon was born on May 1st, 1973, the opening day of Northern Pike season in Ontario, Canada. This would be the first opener his father, Captain John Pillon would miss. 3 weeks after Elmer was born, John and his friend Joe Banana, while babysitting Elmer, went up north for the day. They lowered Elmer into the 12-foot aluminum boat, baby carriage and all! They caught more fish that day than ever before. Joe said" John, your son is good luck!" From that day on, Elmer fished with his dad, learning many secrets and techniques for many diverse fisheries in North America.

Fast forward to today, Elmer is a 2x ESPN X Games athlete who competed on the Pro tour of inline skating Half-pipe. His high intensity for living has overflowed into all aspects of his life including fishing, operating his PT clinic, speaking engagements, outreach, conservation and creating the"Change the world in 7 days challenge".  With over 115 days on the water per year, it's a wonder he even sleeps.

" The evolution of my fishing career has brought me to this point. helping people create incredible adventure memories is the natural next step. Fishing and connecting with the great outdoors helped me in my life tremendously, celebrating every day and living with a sense of urgency is easy to do when you are on the water or in the back woods. You can't help to operate from a platform of gratitude and appreciation. It is infectious! Once you experience these places, you will want to protect them too. I look forward to sharing an adventure with you!"


                                                                                                                                 -Captain Elmer PIllon



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