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It's been said that "The only thing we can take with us are our memories."

Rhino Diaries Adventures is a Charter Fishing and adventure company specializing in making your next amazing fishing adventure. Not only will you have a fantastic day on the water or in the Big Cypress, but you will be the star of your own short film! Our passion for enjoying and protecting this magnificent habitat has led us to take friends, family and patients on memorable adventures over the last 15 years and now we are offering adventures to the public. Capturing your awesome experience and creating a complimentary short film of your trip comes at no extra cost with a full day excursion. We want you to be able to go back, re-live every moment and share it with friends.

South Florida boasts some of the most diverse and unique fishing and wildlife adventures in North America.

From running through the saltwater lagoons of Everglades National Park in just inches of water in our Beavertail Vengeance searching for Tarpon, Snook, Redfish and other native species, to exploring the jungles of the Big Cypress on a wildlife safari in the legendary "White Rhino" Jeep. We look forward helping you create an EPIC memory that will last a lifetime.














Screenshot (109).png
2019 Beavertail Vengeance
The legendary White Rhino

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