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Adventure is Calling.

It's as long as I am old. 45 baby!

Are You Ready?

It's been said that "The only thing we can take with us are our memories."

Rhino Diaries Adventures is a Charter Fishing and adventure company specializing in making your next adventure film. Not only will you have a fantastic day on the water or in the Big Cypress, but you will be the star of your own short film! Our passion for enjoying and protecting this magnificent habitat has led us to take friends, family and patients on memorable adventures over the last 15 years and now we are offering adventures to the public. Capturing your awesome experience and creating a complimentary short film of your trip comes at no extra cost with a full day excursion. We want you to be able to go back, re-live every moment and share it with friends.












South Florida boasts some of the most diverse and unique fishing and wildlife adventures in North America.

From running through the saltwater lagoons of Everglades National Park in just inches of water in a super skinny flats boat, searching for Tarpon, Snook, Redfish and other native species, to exploring the jungles of the Big Cypress on a wildlife safari in the legendary "White Rhino" Jeep. We look forward to tailoring your experience and the golden memories you will make unlike any other.

RD 10% Give Back

We believe in conservation and we have a strong desire to help kids in need. When you book an adventure with Rhino Diaries. We tithe 10% of our gross revenue per trip to one of these great nonprofits. You are free to choose the recipient of the 10% conservation/marine community donation to be made on your behalf or, you can leave the choice to us and we will ensure that each of our listed nonprofits receive an equal share of all monies raised. We are teaming up with you to change the world!

2019 Beavertail Vengeance
The legendary White Rhino


       "I have fished all over the world and this was BY FAR the best day of fishing I have ever had! I lost count of the number of fish we caught with Capt Elmer, but I know we caught 18 species of fish! Mindblowing!" 

-  Sean Finter, Annapolis Maryland


     " There's a couple reasons I so greatly look forward to my charters and nature expeditions with Capt. Elmer Pillon. Aside from having an uncanny 6th sense for finding and putting anglers on fish, and tracking and spotting wildlife, Elmer is a high energy, passionate conservationist and a spiritually uplifting human being.  I have enjoyed some of my best days on the water with Capt. Elmer and some outstanding nature safaris in his White "Rhino" jeep. Elmer's kayak trips are a blast as well and always lead you to fish and wildlife.

     Watching Elmer's trajectory from physical rehab proprietor and clinician to pursuing and earning his Captain's license, while putting Friends and patients onto more than 1200 snook (and other species) along the way this year, has been a real joy. The quality of a day on the water, or on safari in the Everglades with Elmer, is always coupled with great dialog, patience, positivity and a very special brand of short, a true gift to all involved! And speaking of gifts, wait to you see the video memory Elmer will create for you after your special day with him!

Can't wait to get out again with Elmer!!!

Best Fishes Always,                                                                          

-  Jeff Storm Harkavy, Coral Springs, FL

    "I have fished my whole life but it wasn’t until I met Elmer in 2005 which is when I learned how to truly fish the area of water I was in. I was 15 years old when I met Elmer and our first fishing adventure was in kayaks in Stuart Florida. I never had experienced fishing like this before and it changed my life. I learned how to read tides, clearer conditions, weather reports, and how to pick a bait that will be most effective based on conditions. I have gone on over 100 adventures with Elmer and each time we always caught fish and landed some of the largest snook I have ever seen. Elmer has taught me almost everything I know today about fishing and I can’t wait for our next adventure on the water. #TeamHookaSnook oh yeah can’t forget “FISH ON!!!!”                                                                                                                                     

 - Kyle Dechert, Naples, FL

"Long castin" Bait blastin" All in BIG fish fashion!!!                     

 - Rob Cassano, Coconut Creek, Fl 

     "I fished last Saturday, October 12 with Capt. Elmer. We started early in the morning the tide was high and the bite was slow. CaPt. Elmer said wait till the tide turns the water will warm and I’ll take you to my secret spot.  Well Capt. Elmer was right we ended the day with several small snook and two monsters 36 and 38 inch! My Biggest yet!                                                                                                       

 - Jim Wiles, Coral Springs, FL

     Captain Elmer Pillon introduced me to kayak fishing about a decade ago. Since then we’ve shared many memorable adventures with the pictures and video to prove it. I can honestly say there’s’ no one I'd rather spend time outdoors or on the water with than him. His personality is engaging and infectious, his knowledge is extensive, he’ll put you on the fish, and his commitment to give people the experience of a lifetime is simply unrivaled! Get out there with him and catch em up!!!

-Andy Glickman, Boca Raton, FL

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